June 25, 2022

Are Hard Seltzers Really Better For You?

SPIKED SELTZER IS having a moment. First, flavored fizzy waters became popular. Now brands are adding alcohol in to the mix. According to Nielsen, Hard Seltzer Reviews sales have increased by more than 200% in the past year. A lot of this growth is thought to be driven by people seeking alternatives beyond malt beverages and beer.

Spiked seltzers sit down in a unique space between beer and traditional mixed drinks. This is not your standard seltzer or soda water poured over vodka or gin. The alcohol in spiked seltzer drinks originates from fermented cane sugars, whereas most clear spirits like vodka or gin are grain-fermented and, as a result, have an increased alcohol content.
The majority of us wouldn’t drink several cans of beer and think we were making a health-promoting choice. But many feel that sipping spiked seltzer all day is a wholesome option. This health halo around spiked seltzer means that you might finish up drinking much more than you understand because you believe it to be much better.

Spiked seltzer contains cane sugar, which – upon fermentation – is changed into alcohol. So while that can of spiked seltzer might just taste like sweetened fizzy water, it’s an alcoholic beverage – and the one which contains 5% alcohol, similar to numerous beers. But that light, barely-there taste of alcohol makes it easy to sip one – or several – and it’s easy to see how they could lead you to drink much more and more.

Spiked seltzers, being reduced calories and carbs, are also much less filling. So a person who may drink just a few beers can end up having multiple cans of hard seltzer. Alcohol is alcohol – regardless of the source. And drinking it in excess is linked to many long-term health effects, including high blood glucose, heart disease, stroke, digestive problems, liver disease, cancer and even more. This means that, despite fewer calories, spiked seltzer isn’t just “healthier” than beer.

At the end of your day, it comes down to which beverage you enjoy more and that you feel just like drinking at that moment. It’s important to consider the taste and mental satisfaction, as pleasure and enjoyment are essential components of a healthy diet.