June 25, 2022


Well, if you are just like most Australians, this is probably a term you are not too knowledgeable about but in the simplest form, seltzer is basically fizzy normal water.

What is Seltzer? 

Enter DIFFICULT seltzers
In the last twelve months, hard seltzers have become into a billion money industry in the US, with brands like Reino and Bud Lighting cashing in on the market industry. Somehow, someplace, some genius has uncovered a way to make water even more amazing, by adding alcoholic beverages! Lacking the normal carbs and sugars of regular alcohol drinks, hard seltzers are revolutionising just how we drink.

There is no benefits the history behind seltzer?
The name ‘seltzer’ originates from a spa town in Germany called Selters, which started out exporting its effervescent mineral water from the late 1700s. In 1772, Joseph Priestley an Englishman, found out he could make fizzy water by positioning a bowl of water above a beer value-added tax. Then, shortly later on, J. J. Schweppe commercialised the concept. Indeed, it’s his name that you see on iconic fizzy drink bottles in household fridges today.

The earliest entrant to the world of hard seltzer water was in 2013 by a brand called Spiked Seltzer, which was acquired by big beer, AB InBev in 2018. Fast-forward to 2020 and hard seltzer has grown to a 1. 1 billion USD industry in the last 12 months, with companies now treating millions into brands such as Bud Light Seltzer and Corona Hard Seltzer.

So, precisely what is seltzer?
Seltzer is actually soft water, your basic drinking water with added bubbles from carbon dioxide. It differs from other carbonated beverages like club soda and tonic water, in that it does not contain the amusing tasting minerals such as sodium bicarbonate and potassium sulphate that club soda pop contains, or the high fructose hammer toe syrup and quinine that makes tonic water, not really a water at all. After all, it will glow under a black light!

Now make use of this uptempo magic and step into the world of hard seltzer or otherwise known, alcoholic seltzer. Tough seltzer is produced one of two ways, either made, taking benefit from bouillonnement of ingredients such as rice, for naturally occurring alcohol consumption and fizz or adding alcohol to bubbly water. Include a hint of natural flavour to this already lovely mixture and we get to what has been dubbed the healthy, mindful way to imbibe alcohol, with almost no sugar, absolutely no carbs, gluten free and a taste for each and every occasion. We all wonder who will be the first to bring away a beer flavoured one?

Why are these drinks becoming so popular?
Because times change, many people are becoming more aware of the consequence of some alcoholic beverages, from the negative health issues associated with glucose, to the weight gains associated with high carb absorption or even the growing reactions to gluten. Now remove all of these negative impacts and you also get hard seltzer, basically all the benefits associated with gleaming standard water with a kick of taste and alcohol.

Aussie craft breweries bounce on fashionable!
Although the growth rate in the US ALL is still increasing exponentially, are we going to see the boom here in Australia? Well we believe it’s already begun, with drinks giant Big cat launching Quincy late last year and introducing just how for Aussie made alcoholic seltzer…. or possibly alcoholic uptempo water as we may would rather call it?

Australian craft breweries are also jumping on the hard seltzer bandwagon. Consider Hop Nation who have produced a terno of hard seltzers known as Ray. The name hails from the brewery’s home in FootscRay. Their alcoholic dazzling water will come in 3 fresh flavours; peach, watermelon & mint; and lemon & lime.

Wildspirit Distilling Co. on Sydney’s northern beaches is getting in on the action too. They have launched four hard seltzers – lime, manga, raspberry and passionfruit.